Coached Writing Session (for Summarize THIS!) (Scobie)

Ever wanted to take Summarize THIS!, but been intimidated by the outside work requirement? Ever taken it and failed to complete all the work? Do you know you need help being a productive writer and learning how to put together a draft? This will be an in-school work environment for the Summarize THIS! class. What if most of your draft could be completed in school, in a quiet environment, with relaxation coaching, technique coaching, and productivity coaching?

I’m hoping this opportunity will get some brave new writers into the Summarize THIS! class in Winter term. And I’m hoping some who have struggled with it in the past will use this to try again. I can’t promise all your work will get done in school, and you’ll still need to respond to your editor’s notes, but this should provide a huge boost in getting the work done each week.

  • Depending on your history and experience, your advisor may require you to take this if you want to take Summarize THIS! in spring term.
  • Must be scheduled in a 70 minute slot minimum.

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