Hawaii (Chrissy)

While Hawaii isn’t a country, it once was a independent nation. For this term, we are shifting to a state that was once a kingdom instead of a country focus. Hawaii will wrap up the years focus on Oceania.

We will look at Hawaii’s early history, monarchy and it’s involuntary shift into US statehood. Students will have weekly reading and note taking. The text students will use will be a first person account from the last Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani: Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen. 

Like other country classes, the class will be made up of group discussion, lecture, film, geography, and music.

While this class is open to all, I would like middle school students to talk with Chrissy to see if it is the appropriate level for them.

Maui History Engraving American Boat Hawaiians in Canoe

Required texts/materials: Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen by Queen Liliuokalani The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

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