MS Math Lab (Nic)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Math is an art, even if our culture does not usually see it that way. Mathematicians make patterns out of imaginary ideas. (Whoa.) Math is wondering, playing, asking questions, and finding ways to do it beautifully.*

This is the math I want to do with you: math that will make you think “Oh, so this is math too? I actually¬†like this!”

I won’t be teaching you how to calculate this, that, or the other thing. (Though you might find yourself doing some of that.) I won’t be having you practice some specific technique over and over until you’ve memorized it. (Though you may find yourself getting better at some techniques.)

Mostly, I’m just going to get you¬†playing math.

I’ll bring in activities for us all to do together, with me facilitating. This won’t be the choose-your-thing-and-go-in-a-room model of Math Jam; it’ll be all of us in one room doing the thing I’ve brought in.


* Credit for some of this language to Paul Lockhart’s famous essay.

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