Music Theory Sandbox (Liana)

This is a block class.

This will be an open session for taking your music theory abilities to the next level and/or applying them to something you are interested in. I can help you develop ideas, and will be on hand to answer questions/help, but ultimately you’ll be picking a project or setting a course of study for yourself and going about your business.

Here are some ideas for taking your theory to the next level:

  • Practice existing skills on ToneSavvy and/or Teoria
  • Pick some new topics to delve into using online/print resources
  • Work on transcriptions
  • Work on arranging projects
  • Do some harmonic analysis
  • Write bass lines
  • Compose (using notation)

I will support each of you, providing some instruction as needed and hold you accountable to whatever your goals are, but I will not be leading the entire class through a specific curriculum — it’s up to you to think about what you want to study/work on.

Before the first class, you will need to communicate with me about your intentions. If you are unsure, chat with me before stickering so we can develop a loose plan for you before you commit to the class.

Required texts/materials: You'll likely need your computer and headphones, perhaps a midi keyboard (the school has limited resources for you to use), and probably a mechanical pencil!

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