Natural Latin II (Michael J. Coffey)

We continue where we left of in Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana and extend our understanding of Latin.  In villa Iulii, Iulia plorat et Marcus ridet.  Aemilia irata est.  Iulius et servi ad villam venit.  

In this term we’ll finally see the rest of the possible cases that Latin has to offer.  We’ll learn how to talk about kissing, and about buying and selling things.  We’ll differentiate between ‘this’ and ‘that.’  And we’ll find out where that dastardly Medus went and why he stole nummi Iulii.

As with Natural Latin I, you will be expected to do some daily practice with your Anki flash cards between sessions.  Prerequisite:  Natural Latin I.

Buying a copy of the book is optional, but previous students have found it helpful.

About the instructor: Michael Coffey magnus magister est.

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