IMPORTANT NOTE: This is open to HS and 8th graders who come chat with me. The reading and content is upper level and I want to make sure we both feel confident in your ability to keep up.

Gender is arguably the most salient characteristic determining one’s place in any society. Gender is the first thing you notice about another person and your assessment of a person’s gender often shapes your expectations of that person. These expectations (which are often requirements) can greatly impact individuals in their moment to moment experiences.

The sociology of gender focuses on the historical and social construction of gender. We will look at how gender is constructed at the level of society as well as how we engage in the re-creation and construction of gender in our everyday lives. Gender will be explored as an institution and a system as well as how it influences individuals. Because gender does not exist in a vacuum, gender will be discussed in relation to its intersection with other social locations such as race, class, sexuality, age, and ethnicity..

In this class we will be reading excerpts from one of the MOST influential and well-known books in gender studies and sociology “Paradoxes of Gender,” by Judith Lorber and reading the book “Dude, You’re a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School” by CJ Pascoe.

This class will involve discussion, reading and completing a personal project on gender.

Would love to get a variety of students who’ve never taken a Queer History class or feminism and students who have!