Typography & Design (Scobie)

This is a mega class.

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

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What makes the design of letters beautiful? Useful? Boring? Exciting? Readable? Attractive? What would it mean for letters to be efficient? What is the relationship between letters and logos? Why are certain letterforms used for certain messages?

This Megaslot course will be a 7-session deep dive into the topic of typography and its role in communicating information through design. We’ll take walks to look at typography in the world, watch a documentary about one of the most powerful typefaces ever designed, learn about the language and history of letterforms, practice designing letters from scratch, and even take a first stab at designing your own font. This class is intended to be at the pre-college level, so I’m restricting it to high schoolers only. Don’t worry, I’m happy to teach it again.


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