Your Own Words (a class for Summarize THIS! graduates and some others) (Scobie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

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Ok, you’ve got your basic writing act together. You know what it means to wright tightly from a source, and your grammar and punctuation is getting mostly reliable. You can produce reasonably polished work without an editor.

Now you need the challenge of flexing all these muscles more creatively and generating your own words and awesome ideas!

I’ll give a project or a prompt or a format to write in each week, and you’ll loosen up, get brave, and produce something original within the scope of that week’s work.

In class we’ll read your work aloud, or sometimes quietly, and share thoughts, and I’ll give coaching. Some weeks we’ll re-issue the assignment to refine or expand or improve it. Other weeks, we’ll move on.

  • This class is listed as HS-only, but middle schoolers may join with instructor permission, which may include getting an advisor recommendation, and or doing a writing sample.
  • 70 minute slot minimum.

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