9th-12th Grade Bands (Liana)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Put your sticker here if you are a 9th-12th grader who wants to play in a band! I will use the sorting hatâ„¢ to distribute you into a few bands during the scheduling process.

Sign up for some good fun, hard work, and serious learning!

Note: the second class meeting will be the “Lab meeting.” During this time, we will focus on music theory, music history and music appreciation in our band groups. This section will not be required, though it is highly encouraged. There won’t be homework specific to the lab meeting — just show up and gain knowledge & skills that will make you a better musician!

Required texts/materials: You will need your instrument, music, a mechanical pencil, headphones and your computer. Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: the first class meeting.

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