Algebra 1 (Year Long Course) (Jenn)

Please note: If you take this class, you must commit to the full year, which means prioritizing the scheduling of Algebra in both winter and spring terms.

This class will engage the major topics of Algebra 1, with flexibility to include pre-Algebra skills as students need it. My approach will include how these math methods have tangible uses in our everyday lives, and will include both group collaboration and individual work. The emphasis will be on strengthening your understanding of Algebra concepts and exploring diverse ways on how those concepts can be implemented. It will not be a test-heavy class, but you can expect occasional in-class quizzes that are used only as a guide for where we should go next. There will be in-class work assigned — work not finished in class can be considered as homework, but if you are on-task during class, you shouldn’t expect any homework. Optional take-home exercises will be made available.

  • Middle schoolers may join with instructor permission, which may include getting an advisor recommendation.
  • Must be in 70 minute slot, twice a week.

About the instructor: I experience math as a particular exercise for my brain that helps me in all functions of my life. Whether it is fixing an aircraft, calculating a tip at a restaurant, or just recognizing patterns and probabilities in art or in people, I find that my "math muscle" helps me everywhere! I believe that math should be welcome and encouraged in everyone, and that a more holistic approach to math (and science) will be for a greater benefit to myself and to society as a whole.

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