Math Lab (Jenn)

This is a block class.

This is a mega class.

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

This will be a fun, exploratory math lab that will highlight how math can be both practical and tangible, and will also guide us through a variety of math skills that we can learn together. This class will have a focus on group collaboration but will be flexible to meet each person in their own math journey. Regardless of your math background, this will be a space to be curious about what you don’t know yet, and strengthen what you already know. If you are unsure about your math interest, or if you already know that you love math, this is the class for you!

  • There will be in-class work assigned — work not finished in class can be considered as homework, but if you are on-task during class, you shouldn’t expect any homework.
  • Optional take-home exercises will be available.
  • Must be in a mega slot.

About the instructor: I enjoy math because I see it as a practical tool to use in daily life as well as in most careers. I had fun applying math concepts to my recent career as an aircraft mechanic, but there are so many other diverse ways that it comes in handy. I'm looking forward to sharing these skills with you!

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