Middle School Jazz Immersion (Liana)

This is a block class.

This is a mega class.

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Jazz is at the root of most of the music you listen to, and the ability to play it (even at a basic level) will make you better at almost any other form of music that you play.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick read on why every musician should study jazz. (It has bullet points, so you can get right to it!)

In this class, we’ll begin learning the art of jazz and improvisation. 

Never done it before? That’s OK! Had a little experience last year? Great!

We can’t properly honor this art form without doing the history, theory and listening that goes along with it. We will have some light reading assignments along with other supplemental activities in order to acclimate you to the jazz world.

This class is open to any instrument/vocals (horn players: please join us!), and you need not be an expert to partake in the fun! You will, however, need to step outside of your comfort zone, take some musical risks, and contribute to an encouraging, positive musical environment.

Required texts/materials: You will need your instrument, music, a mechanical pencil, headphones, your computer, and any relevant supplemental materials.

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