Physics (Year Long Class) (Jenn)

Please note: If you take this class, you must commit to the full year, which means prioritizing the scheduling of Physics in both winter and spring terms.

Physics! This is one of my favorite subjects and I’m so looking forward to sharing this with you. I have found it to be a fascinating window into how we currently understand our physical reality, as well as how we will discover new understandings of our future. From mechanics to everyday occurrences to space exploration and even some science fiction .. we’ll dip into it all, all the while having discussions, experiments, and practices to strengthen our understandings of physics and develop each person’s scientific method.

Students should be prepared for an emphasis on hands-on group projects with some individual work. This will not be a test-heavy class, but you can expect occasional in-class quizzes that are used only as a guide for where we should go next. There will be in-class work assigned — work not finished in class can be considered as homework, but if you are on-task during class, you shouldn’t expect any homework. Optional take-home exercises will be made available.

  • Previous Algebra 1 experience or concurrent enrollment in this year’s Algebra 1 class is required.
  • If you are curious about using Geometry to meet the prerequisite requirement, please get an advisor recommendation and come talk to me.
  • Must be in 70 minute slot, twice a week.

About the instructor: To me, science is a discipline rooted in creativity and exploration. I'm passionate about inviting the artists, the dreamers, as well as the methodic thinkers, to realize that they have a potential to contribute to scientific endeavors. Equally important is understanding science in the context of community and environment. I'm looking forward to exploring all of this with you!

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