Science of Flight (continued) (Scobie)

This is a block class.

This is a mega class.

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This is a continuation of last year’s course in flight science, but there are some key differences. All prior students are welcome. New students are welcome also, but I request a  friendly ‘intro discussion’ with me to be sure the class will be a fit.

We’ll do some review of key principles from last year’s class, and then move into our unwatched lectures.

(As before, I’ll be partnering with “The Great Courses” to co-teach alongside video lectures by Professor James Gregory, looking at both the history and scientific principles behind most kinds of flying.)

To get regular breaks from the projected lectures, we’ll be taking advantage of the mega-slot for longer and more regular discussion and illustration, more math, and hands-on experiments or demonstrations.

IMPORTANT: Megaslot Wednesday is the only position I have for this class, unless it gets traded for one of my


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