Soul Writing: Writing Down the Bones (Elizabeth)

I never considered myself a writer or someone who enjoyed writing until I read the book, “Writing Down the Bones.”  This book has freed thousands of writers’ voices and is often read as a fun and quirky “Writing 101” for folks that wouldn’t normally like or take (if they could help it)  Writing is simple if you learn to trust yourself.  Trusting your personal and important voice will allow you to write with more confidence.  There is no A +B = C to becoming a good writer.  But, there are a plethora of ways to write and things to write about.

This class will push you to practice writing by writing.  Not any particular way.  Not any particular formula.  But simply by putting your pen to the paper and having a “beginner’s mind” even if you are not a beginner and absolutely love writing. I would love to have you if  you are interested in being open to learning about yourself and your process in writing.

This class is for you if you already enjoy writing or if you are curious about a budding writer inside or if you simply need more practice in discovering your voice.

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