Summarize THIS! (Fall & Winter HS edition) (Scobie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.


The in-school coached work session! See “Coached Writing Session (for Summarize THIS!)” in the class blog, and talk to your advisor!

This class is primarily a homework class in which you’ll do one piece of edited, finished writing, from a half page to two pages per week, to a specific word count. Expect to listen to the audio or video source piece several times (Excerpts from  This American Life, The Moth, and other well-produced audio/videos are common). Then you’ll take notes, make a draft, improve it using a check-list. Finally, you’ll work with your editor to further improve your work every week. For most students, it’s a several hours of work each week, but a great investment in becoming an effective listener, logical thinker, and competent writer.

  • There will be a coached work session each week in the second meeting of the class, which will allow you to make major progress toward finishing your summary. Most students will still need to put in additional work, and sometimes this work slot will contain a grammar lesson or other instruction.
  • As usual, credit for the class requires all summaries to be complete and up to the checklist standards for the class.
  • If this is a repeat class for you,  I’ll be asking you to up your game.
  • IMPORTANT: All writers are required to find and work with a qualified and willing mentor/editor for every assignment. I can be editor for up to two students this fall term. If you hope to have me as your editor, ask early. I reserve the right to choose who I will edit for.
  • Must be scheduled in a 70 minute double slot, unless we are near the student minimum.
  • All students are encouraged to use the in-school coached writing session offered this term.

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