Digital Music (Sam)

Music is always moving forward. Just when you think it will settle into one particular form, it creates a new form of expression. During this time, music has not only taken on a new form but has moved into a greater way of expression.

In this class, you will be using an online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to create, edit, and finalize pieces of music that simply express your personal creative sound. There’s always the opportunity to record live instruments, vocals, and use sound samples. We will have brief workshops at the beginning of class to try out new techniques, one on one support, and a bit of a musical show and tell.

I love music and you can find me listening to music on a daily basis. I’m currently working on a new project and looking to host a music podcast in the near future.

NOTE: You must have a computer that is capable of running the software used in class.

Please come and check with me. Thanks

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