Math For You: Algebra 2 (Nic)

IĀ love math, and I believe that learning to think like a mathematician can bring joy and power to a person’s life.

Each of my math offerings this year will have a similar structure (see below); only the content will differ.

This section is aimed at folks whose next step on the math ladder is mastering polynomials, exponential functions and logarithms, and beginning to practice with complex numbers, rational functions, function transformations, and trigonometry. This content is typically taught around 10th-11th grade in a standard US math sequence.

All sections of math will consist of mostly asynchronous, self-paced work. As the facilitator, I will curate curriculum to meet students where they’re at, and convene small group meetings to help folks who are stuck on a topic or problem. Collaboration with other students (at a similar level) will be encouraged.

Each section will have two scheduled meetings per week; students will be required to set aside an additional two slots per week to work on the material. Scheduled meetings will include weekly whole-group synchronous sessions dedicated to developing mathematical thinking, as well as small-group and even one-on-one coaching.

Students will work online problem sets, pursue some longer-form math “projects,” and even occasionally record video of themselvesĀ teaching what they’ve been learning!

If you have questions about which section you should be in, please Slack or email Nic ASAP.

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