Writer’s Workshop (Hannah)

In this class we will practice writing, reading, thinking, questioning, listening, and sharing. You already do all of these things, and after this class you will be able to do them with more depth and clarity. You will not only hone skills but learn about yourself, other people, and the world through the writing process. Wow! But how?

You will do different kinds of writing in this class, including narrative, persuasive, informative, and fun random exercises. You will give and receive feedback with your peers. You will submit response letters about your reading regularly to which I will respond, like a reading/writing correspondence. The words will flow through you like rainwater down a Seattle drainpipe and nourish the garden of your mind. 

Required texts/materials: A notebook. Also, you are expected to read your own books throughout the duration of this class. If you don't have reliable access to new books, still take this class! We can help you out, just let us know. We will also read at least one book all together which we will get for you.

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