Embroidery and Connect (elizabeth ortega)

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric using a needle and applying thread or yarn. It’s a hand-eye coordination craft. You can decorate anything from a jean jacket to a handkerchief. You can decorate with words, designs, images, shapes, etc.

It’s bunches of fun and requires patience and intention.

We will discuss different issues and simply hang out with each other while we learn how to needle our way through fabric to create some awesome pieces.

I hope especially to be joined by students who don’t “normally” take classes like this. Perhaps you steer away from stereotypically “feminine” art like embroidery, or being hands-on creative is challenging for you? Well, I challenge you to join us for some creativity and connection with each other as we create. 

This class is also for you if you are already interested in these things and would love some more!


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