Make Tiny Films (Nic)

Several hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. Being able to express oneself well in video may soon be as important a skill as being able to express oneself well in writing. Let’s do it!

(My credentials: prior to working at PSCS, I made a living as a video editor and producer.)

In this course, we’ll focus on generating a lot of product. Make stuff, talk about how to improve it, then make more stuff. You won’t make a perfectly polished work of art, but you will make a lot of short pieces.

We’ll start with very short pieces, and work up from there. There will be assignments ranging from instructional to narrative to abstract. Nothing you turn in will be longer than 60 seconds.

You’ll need something to shoot video (a phone is fine) and something to edit video (chances are we can find some adequate free software that will work on your laptop). Nothing fancy.

Each week will include some limited synchronous discussion and instruction, some asynchronous time watching and giving feedback on your peers’ work, and time to make your own work. You will likely have to spend some time beyond scheduled class hours shooting and editing your stuff.

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