Math: 2x/week sync (Nic)

Sticker this math class if you want more synchronous time in winter term than you had in fall term. I will sort you into sections (Prealgebra, etc.) based on what I know of your skill level. See below for more info.

Winter term “Math With Nic” will have two options, differing only in the amount of synchronous class time:

  1. Continue with the 1x/week group synchronous sessions, and leave an hour in your class schedule for async work
  2. Participate in synchronous group work 2x/week, and find your own time for async work

I will continue to use the synchronous sessions to develop your sense of the beauty and fun of math, solving puzzles, playing games, and—for the 2x/week folks—developing some projects. (For those of you skeptical that this is “real math”: we’ll be working on the eight standards for mathematical practice.)

In both cases, you will still be expected to do self-paced asynchronous work to learn and practice new skills.

And while I still think that ~4 total hours/week is a good target for math learning, most of you this past term showed that you weren’t willing/able to manage that. I’ll work one-on-one to set appropriate individual goals for the self-paced work.


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