Summarize THIS! (Scobie)

IMPORTANT: Work with your advisor to set aside plenty of writing time for this class in your weekly schedule. It can be any time that truly works for you, but if you need open slots to get the work done during the school day, make sure you have them and will use them.

Each week, you’ll either be writing a summary of an audio piece to a specific word count, or you’ll be carefully improving and refining a previous piece.

A writing week:
Expect to listen to an audio or video source piece several times (Excerpts from This American Life, The Moth, and other well-produced audio/videos are common). Then you’ll take notes, make a draft, and improve it using a custom check-list created just for your writing skill set. You’ll have time in class to get started, and make progress, but you’ll probably need to spend more to produce your best work, so budget for that!

A re-writing week:
You’ll respond to a very detailed edit of your original work to further improve it.

For most students, it’s at least a few hours of work each week OUTSIDE of class, but a great investment in becoming an effective listener, logical thinker, and competent writer.

  • Credit for the class requires all summaries to be complete and up to the standards in your checklist.
  • If this is a repeat class for you, I’ll be asking you to up your game.

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