Algebra I (Michael J. Coffey)

Having finished the bulk of Josh Rappaport’s Algebra Survival Guide, the Algebra I class will be switching things up and slowly dipping our toes into the pool of Algebra II ideas.  We’ll be using Lynn Marecek and Andrea Honeycutt Mathis’ free PDF textbook, Intermediate Algebra 2e.  It’s a little more technical than the good old “Book of Josh” but everyone can have their own copy for free, and it has lots of new ways we can use the book to discover new techniques, patterns, and shortcuts!

For example, how do you handle it if an “equation” has a greater-than symbol instead of an equals sign?  Can you still do the same thing to both sides if they’re not equal?!   Don’t worry, the “Book of Lynn and Andrea” (Lyndrea?) has lots of examples for us to look at.

If you’ve not been in the class before, talk to both Michael and your advisor ASAP before signing up.  Joining at this point will be extremely difficult, but not impossible, and we need to discuss what you’d need to do before next term to prepare.

About the instructor: I, of course, play a mage in Elden Ring.  But it's obviously math-based magic, like in some of Nnedi Okorofor's stories.

Required texts/materials: Intermediate Algebra 2e, by Lynn Marecek and Andrea Honeycutt Mathisfrom Openstax.  I will send a link to download the book to all registered students as soon as I get a roster. The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

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