Natural Latin (Michael J. Coffey)

Estne Quintus mortuus?  Minime, tantum aeger, quia is de arbore cacderit (“cadit” in tempore priore).  Qui spirat, vivit!  Pro dolor aeger est, sed… non mortuus est?  Mirabilis! 

In Capitulo Duodecimo (XII), fratrem Aemiliae videmus.  Et in Capitulo Quinto-Decimo (XV), Marcum in schola videmus.

But enough teasers for what’s to come.  The class will continue to use Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata  by Hans Orberg, and students will be expected to actually read the chapters and practice between classes, with the bar set higher than was achieved in Winter term.

For this to be “natural” Latin, you should be comfortable using most of the 400+ very common Latin words the book has introduced so far.  If you’re not, reviewing your notes, re-reading, looking up unfamiliar words, and practicing are great choices prior to the start of next term.  (I do all those things in English, and that’s my native language!  What’s more natural than the language you learned as a baby?)

About the instructor: Michael knows people are paying attention when they're taking notes on paper, because not taking notes at all looks the same as zoning out, and taking notes on a computer looks the same as playing video games.

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