Queer History and More! (elizabeth ortega)

This class is going to be a mash up of queer history, biographies, queer theory and queer identity, queer as a verb and current issues surrounding being queer and how to navigate it all. My goal is for you to walk out of class with a fistful of information, deep perplexing possibilities and even bigger love and gratitude.

Every week I will provide a reading or a piece of media related to one of these areas. We will unpack, repack and wrap our minds and hearts around the content with deep discussion, writing, a personal interview and I am committed to bringing at least 1 guest speaker.

Join the class at any level of knowledge and NO you DO NOT need to identify as queer/LGBTQQIAA2s.

We will ALL be learning new ideas and information and deepening our awareness of self and others.

In this class we’ll be learning about key historical moments and people who shaped queer life and history in this country. We will dive into some queer theory,


High school only unless you are an 8th grader and feel up to the challenge and come to discuss with me.

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