Dungeons and Dragons (Taig/Quinn)

Have you ever wanted to slay a demon or god? Well sorry I can’t make that happen but I will be facilitating Dungeons and Dragons where you can pretend to! Wow, so cool right! New and experienced players are welcome, plus I will be helping everyone along so don’t worry. I will be the DM or Dungeon Master. We will choose the setting and the theme together and I will help you create characters. I will have all the resources you need except a pencil and a notebook or you can bring your laptop.

Take this class if you want to roleplay or just chill and play a fun game at school. We will take turns bringing snacks to the sessions. This is a collaborative game and we will make decisions together but I will ultimately have the final say on most things.


Minimum of 3, max of 8 people in the class. Mature themes. This class will be co-facilitated by Brandon!

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