Integrated Algebra II (Michael J. Coffey)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

This class will cover the skills and concepts of high school Algebra II, which includes includes things like:

  • learning more complex techniques for problem-solving with mathematical models, like figuring out compound interest for an investment, or predicting manufacturing costs for a product
  • refine algebraic skills of manipulating mathematical symbols and doing computations for different types of numbers, like imaginary and complex numbers
  • new functions and equations, many that can be used for scientific or statistical analysis
  • work with probability, combinations, and permutations, leading to answers to questions such as “how likely is this to happen?” or “how many different combinations can be made from these?”
  • solving systems of multiple equations with multiple variables and other knowledge that sets you up for trigonometry and calculus
  • develop formal problem-solving processes, reasoning about problems, and communicating how and why you think a particular answer is correct or incorrect from a mathematical standpoint

We will discuss in class what your math goals are.  However, keep in mind that most high school algebra classes meet 5 days a week and we will only meet for 2 days each week.  If your academic goals are to learn the equivalent of a public high school’s amount of math, you will have to do a significant amount of work on your own.

I will also expect you to take notes in class, but will be having little “mini lessons” on note taking to help you learn how if you’re not comfortable with it.  (And I’m happy to work with all kinds of brains to find a style that works for you.)

Will happen in one of the two Monday/Tuesday slots.

Required texts/materials: We will be using the textbook Intermediate Algebra 2e.  Before the first day of class, students should download the PDF version of the book from (link on the left-hand side under "Get the Book") and have it ready on their computer. Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: Before the first class meeting

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