Intersectional Sociology of Gender (2 terms) (HS) (elizabeth ortega)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

In this class we will examine how gender, from an intersectional lens shapes the media, violence, sexuality, intimacy, education, the economy, different family structures, religion, government and society at large. We will explore how gender varies by race, class, ethnicity, global region, sexual orientation, why feminism and women’s liberation across the globe aim to improve the lives of women and men and everyone in-between. Emphasis will be on U.S. history and society, but comparisons to other countries will be made to examine how gender works and plays out.

Through this class students will be able to 1) analyze how social structure and culture shape gendered identities and experiences, apply sociological terms and concepts concerning gendered experiences and phenomena to their papers and presentations 2) Identify how race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality affect gender relations and experiences 3) Explain how gender creates power and control imbalances in people’s personal relationships

I will be pulling material from the Human Sexuality course I teach at Antioch to expand our lenses and knowledge context from the world of academia.

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