Dungeons and Dragons


Have you ever wanted to slay a demon or god? Well sorry, I can’t make that happen but I will be facilitating Dungeons and Dragons where you can pretend to! Wow, so cool right! New and experienced players are welcome, plus I will be helping everyone along so don’t worry, but you will have to put in some work. I will be the DM or Dungeon Master which means I will be running the game. We will choose the setting and the theme together and I will help you create characters. You will need to bring your laptop and have a DnD Beyond account which is free. Also please buy a set of dice if you can afford them. They can be cheap dice but it would be really helpful for me.

Take this class if you want to roleplay or just chill and play a fun game at school. We will take turns bringing snacks once per week and will eat them at lunch (we can talk about this in class). This is a collaborative game and we will make decisions together but I will ultimately have the final say on most things. Also, while this is for fun I want people to take this seriously. I have put hours of work into this class and I would like you to be respectful of this class and the people in it.

I should just make it clear it’s ok to do fictional accents, but please do not do an accent of a culture or people you do not have ties to. Also I am a student and a teenager and I am going to mess up, but I will do my best to make sure everyone feels like they are respected and included.

This class will require a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 people.

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