MichaelMath (Michael J. Coffey)

Want a little more support in learning math?  Maybe that means extra time to work on your homework or doing practice problems with someone nearby who can answer your questions.  Maybe you need a short one-on-one meeting to work through something tricky.  Or maybe you’ve heard of Michael’s new math system called Numerimurgy, based on the idea of earning “levels” like a roleplaying game and want to check it out.  That’s the main purpose for this class:  math time with Michael.

However, for anyone waiting for their time to meet with Michael, or who already finished their math work, each session will start with an introduction to a different math-based game.  Michael will tell you how to play at the start of the class, and by the end we’ll also take a few minutes to peek at the math ideas embedded in that game.  Those who want to dive into the game can do so, while Michael meets with those who want his time, and those who want to work on math by themselves can do that, too.

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