EMC – Electronic Music Collective (DJ Edition) l (TSam)

Djing has become one of the most skillful musical forms of expression over the last 50 years. Through its early days in New York, MCs and DJs have been able to successfully keep so much music alive, while constantly evolving to make space for other styles and genres to emerge. In today’s current era, making music has become more accessible due to the use of laptops, iPads, and even cell phones. The only question that remains is what can a person do versus what has not been done yet.

In this class, I show you the basics of how to effectively mix songs and create new ones. There will be moments of exploration and collaboration. Also, expect to learn various techniques, sampling, sound engineering, song curation, music history, and uncommon genre exploration.

Required materials: You need to have a computer that can run specific music software (TBD) and be able to successfully download music files (repeatedly) from the internet. Also, you must have your own headphones.

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