Integrated Algebra 1 (Michael J. Coffey)

A continuation of fall term’s Integrated Algebra 1, continuing to use the Numerimurgy system so that everyone can be working at the right level of challenge.  (Newcomers or students below level 19 of Numerimurgy should consider taking this course rather than IA2, but either can work if there are scheduling conflicts.)

This class will cover all four of areas of skills and concepts of pre-college mathematics with an emphasis on algebra, but also drawing from number systems, measurement, and geometric thinking.  The course has a lot of ideas about relationships between numbers, and learning the special language of math.  That includes things like:

  • learning how to convert real-world problems and situations into mathematical descriptions of what’s going on, like using an equation to describe the relationship between two things that influence each other such as price of a product and how many get sold
  • looking at different ways of representing and manipulating numbers, even when you don’t know specifically what number you’re working with (variables, exponents, roots)
  • new functions and equations–and what can be done with them
  • graphing and estimation skills
  • some techniques for analyzing and comparing different data sets
  • practice thinking in specific ways in order to solve problems (rather than guessing or experimenting)

We will discuss in class what your math goals are.  However, keep in mind that most high school math classes meet 5 days a week and we will only meet for 2 days each week.  If your academic goals are to learn the equivalent of a public high school’s amount of math, you will have to do a significant amount of work on your own.

Will happen in one of the two Monday/Tuesday morning slots.

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