Life Skillzz (Ollie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Do you want to improve your life skillzz to a point where you are prepared to be self-sufficient while living on your own (or with others!)? Well this is the class for you!

I’m teaching class this because my mom was taught these things at a super young age and now I know a lot of life skills and hacks. I want to pass the knowledge that I am grateful to have on to other students. 

In this class we’re going to learn how to sew, do laundry, cook HEALTHY meals and how to eat what your body wants you to eat. We will learn to do taxes, how to track our wellbeing in a positive and organized way, how to use nails and screws, weird life hacks that you obviously need but didn’t know, and how to have fun while doing household chores!

If you are a high schooler (junior, senior) please consider taking this class, seeing as you are closer to going out and living on your own. The things I am teaching in this class are important skills that you will need to know and if you already understand the basics, it’s always good to know more. Ultimately, this class is a high school only class but if you are a middle schooler, come talk to me!

This will be a mostly onsite class but there will present multiple opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

It is not solely going to be me teaching home ec. There will be guest teachers – deeply rooted past community members, fellow students, and current teachers!

This will be a minimal to no homework class but there will still be high expectations.

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