Sculpting to the Bone (Scobie)

This sculpture class, part of Scobie’s “Art School” curriculum, will change your brain’s ability to see and understand what you see, whether you want to be an artist or not. You’ll use clay to make a real sculpture* of a real thing, in this case a Pleistocene Bison’s leg bone. You’ll  do some drawings to study the bone, and then  begin adding clay to an armature to make a scaled copy of this complex, organic form.

Each day of class, two days per week, will be a quiet, coached studio session of focused work on your sculpture, requiring standing and walking and drawing and measuring and observing.

You’ll finish the class with a new ability to see and understand all the shapes around you.

*(Note: These sculptures will be photographed at the end of the class, then recycled; they are learning tools, not something to keep.)

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