HS Sexual Health (Amy)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

Sexual health is HUGE topic that spans all life stages.  This course will dig deeper into reproductive anatomy, puberty, gender, sexual orientation, healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors, body image, consent, and more.  The way that topics are covered in this course will set you up to be informed and know that you have autonomy as you move toward adulthood.

I take an intersectional approach to teaching sex ed, meaning that we will examine how our own identities either provide or limit us access to spaces and experiences.  I LOVE teaching sex ed and believe that you will LOVE taking this class.  Throughout the year, we will let your questions and interests guide much of our learning.

We all come to this topic with varying values and knowledge.  It is important that in this class we respect each other and ourselves.

While talking about these topics might seem intimidating to some, I can assure you that you will surprise yourself with the confidence you gain through increased knowledge and the normalization of these ideas in our conversations.

This course will allow you to do individual reflecting, engage in group conversations, ask all of the questions you have, and actively use your knowledge and interests to support others within your community.

Even if you have already met your requirements for HS Sexual Health, I encourage you to take it again – this will be a whole new experience!

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