Photography (Amy) (Amy)

In this course, you will create images, share your thinking behind your images, and discuss the images of others.

Photography can be a tool to express any idea and it can take on many styles: documentary, artistic, commercial, snapshots to capture memories and events, and more.  Whatever your interest within photography, this will be a space where you can create and share your thoughts and images.

We will spend some time talking about what makes for a “good” photograph, as well as learn some techniques for creating photos that engage the viewer.  Throughout the term we will learn about the fundamental elements of photography and put our learning to use while capturing images based on themes.

Requirements of the class will include taking photos, writing/speaking about the photos with other members of the class, and providing feedback about our peers’ work.

The focus of this class is NOT digital editing, but may include individual exploration of editing software.

Required texts/materials: Access to either a digital camera or cell phone with camera capabilities. Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: before second class meeting

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