Python (Eric)

My goal is to teach fundamental programming skills to students with some familiarity with programming using the language Python with the pyGame library. It is not necessary to know Python if you have done some programming already and if you are very motivated, but are nervous about being a beginning programmer, we can make that work too, but you might need to work a little extra at home for the first few weeks.

I find Python (especially with the free PyCharm IDE from JetBrains) to be a good way to learn programming. Programming computers can be fun, but it can take a lot of practice to become fluent (just like everything else!) Writing programs that are colorful, graphical, and fun is a good way to improve your programming ability.

Some topics we can explore with pyGame include: games, fractals, and simulations. After you take this class, you should have a better understanding about how computer programs work and can create a simple python program with graphics.

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