Work it Out! (Valerie)

Twice a week we will meet and move! What you do will be up to YOU. Is there an exercise you have built a habit around and want to practice more? Or, one that you love and are trying to maintain as a weekly habit? Excellent! That is what you will explore this term.  


Each of us will set a growth goal for the term and develop a plan to help us move toward that goal this term. 


This class was inspired by my own positive (+) experience with movement in a community setting AND by my choice of The Success of Failure as my math project. 

  • Val’s Goal: Improve my 1 rep max Deadlift and Power Clean
  • Val’s Plan: The failure of a 1 rep max attempt is what helps me determine my ceiling for lifting. The approximate time between testing for a 1RM is 3 months. This term I will work on skill-building and conditioning by employing functional fitness programming from a trusted source. I will keep track of all workouts and skill-building work this term and analyze the effectiveness of this training (and more) on my ability to increase my 1 RM (tested at the beginning and end of Winter Term).

What’s your plan?

Please note: You should have parent/guardian permission to participate. I will be coaching you on safety, form, and goal setting. I will not be teaching you foundational elements of the exercise or developing your exercise plan.


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