Dance and Sing (hannah)


My vision for this class is inspired by my weekly dance class, Dance Church, to which I am fervently dedicated aka obsessed. I want to put black out curtains on the windows in Cherry and get some vibey lights in there, and then DANCE AND SING.

The structure of Dance Church is free dance incorporated into structured coordinations and movements which are facilitated by a teacher. It’s very workout-y. The teacher is in the middle of everyone and there’s no “front” in the class. We follow the teacher but you can go at whatever intensity level you want. There’s no talking in the class but you can sing, whoop, grunt, cry – whatever you need to get out.

This is a workout and movement class. I am interested in beginning with the Dance Church structure and seeing how y’all vibe with it. We can collaborate on music choices. You will need to bring comfy clothes you can move freely in every week. This class will require openness, vulnerability, and the willingness to get to know your own body and self as a dancer. Open to all.

Can you find me in the pictures above?

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