Ornithology & Local Bird Appreciation (Lucy)

Can you identify every species of bird in Washington State just by their call? Neither can Lucy, but she wants to someday!

Join Lucy to learn more about our local birds, including how to identify them, how they are impacted by our urban environment, the history and politics of ornithology, and more!

This class will be a mix of indoor and outdoor learning. Indoors, Lucy will share what she’s learned from her participation with UW’s Bird Friendly Campus project, and from her individual hobby research. Outdoors, we’ll learn how to ID some birds! Outside of class time, you can expect to read 1-2 articles per week (~5-10 pages) so we can talk about it during class 🙂

Whether you already know a lot about birds or nothing at all, this class is open to all students who appreciate our lovely feathered friends!

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