Yearbook! (Sieglinde)

Let’s finish it!

In this twice weekly, yearlong Yearbook Class, students have co-edited, designed, and will print up the 23-24 PSCS Yearbook. The theme this year is Punk! which was decided by community process. We’ve spent time studying and learning the the intersectional history of punk, both as an aesthetic, as a sound, and as a movement—and applying it to a really cool archive of the year.

Our co-editors have already worked out the layout, timeline, and have gotten us started in Canva (easy to share, easy to organize, on the cheap). We will consider adding 2-3 more folks interested in finalizing layout, writing copy, taking and organizing pictures, and creating pages/spreads in ways that capture this amazing community of humans. You will need special permission to join (from Sieglinde and the crew) and likely need to give an example/share how you will contribute in this final leg of a long journey.

The result will be printed and shared with the community in June—with enough time to sign and pass around to ooh and ahh!

Required texts/materials: Canva The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

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