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History with Nigel (Nigel)

Hey you. Yes, you! Do you like history? If the answer is yes, why haven’t you already signed up for my history class? We will go through and learn about a wide range of places and eras. If the answer is no then take the class anyway because you will enjoy it. Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up and learn!

Duolingo (Amy)

Want to learn a new language? Are you a HS student that wants to earn a language credit? This is a self paced class where students use the app Duolingo to learn a language of their choosing. Students will set up a schedule with Amy and send her weekly progress reports to receive credit for their work. It is a pretty low pressure way to get some exposure to learning a new language.

Student Leadership Class (TSam and Amy)

PSCS students are invited to join Teacher Sam and Amy to explore and develop some more structured opportunities for student leadership at PSCS. Want to learn about yourself looking through the lens of what kind of leader you are? Want to help us co-create some pathways for more formal student leadership for students at PSCS? This is the class for you. Come have a voice and learn some more about yourself while supporting PSCS with your leadership.

The Class to take if You Plan to Teach a Class This Year (Amy)

Hello Friends! One of the great things about PSCS is that as a student you can teach a class. There are a few things that you need to do if you want to teach a class. One is that you have to find a staff member willing to sponsor your class. The second thing you have to do is take this class BEFORE you can teach a class. Why you ask? Well there are things that we want to make sure you know about teaching a class as well as we want to help you design a class that will be engaging for other students. In this class you will be supported in creating a class ready to roll out in either Winter or Spring term. That’s right, by the end of this class you will already have your class pretty much ready to go. Even if you have already taught a class in the past we are asking that you still take this class as we will be working on new techniques like online instructional design. Teaching a class can be fun and rewarding and it takes some preparation. Ready to start designing your dream class for this school year? Take this class!