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Old Tactics, New Times: Pushback and Breakthroughs in the Struggle for Civil Rights (Larry Metzger)

The photograph above depicts one of the turning points in the Civil Rights Movement, which was, in turn, one of the defining events in recent United States history. What is the story behind that photograph? This is a course about the Civil Rights Movement and the continuing struggle for racial justice in America. It is also a course about the nature of race and racism in the United States. How and why did whites establish racial segregation in the United States? How did the Civil Rights Movement begin? What choices did people – white and black, leaders and plain folks – make and how did those choices shape the movement? How successful was the movement? What is the state of civil rights in the United States today? If these questions intrigue you, please join me.

About the instructor:

I am a volunteer who has been facilitating classes at PSCS since the fall of 2015. In past years I taught an earlier version of this course on the Civil Rights Movement, as well as classes on the Vietnam War, and Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my wife, Elizabeth, and our dog, Dr. Norman (we moved here this past August). One of my greatest regrets about leaving Seattle was that I would no longer be able to teach at PSCS: I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity of PSCS students. So, this fall I was delighted to discover that, through the magic of ZOOM, I have the opportunity to continue to work with PSCS and its wonderful students.