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Fearless English (Scobie)

How I Make My Hypnosis Recordings - Start to Finish | Giovanni Lordi
This is brave creative writing in which you will write from prompts (mostly fiction, but some other possibilities, too). Why brave? Because you need to write work you’re willing to proudly read out loud to the rest of the class, or have read out loud by me. We will promise to be supportive, and to celebrate your wins. But you’ll also need to be ready to hear ideas about where you need to do more work and to accept the challenge to try to improve. There will be writing time given in class, but if you want to make the most of this, you’ll be finding outside writing time as well. Trust me, when the excitement of this class gets going, you’ll WANT to work on your stuff!

Geometry, The Year Long Course, Continued (Scobie)

This is a full year of high school math linking your current algebra skills to a whole new world of visual and measurement math, with lots of drawing, proofs, projects, and puzzles. What’s more, I’m committed to delivering you into some awesome access to trigonometry during Spring Term, with calculation and visualization skills that many high schoolers never get. If you know you’re headed to pre-calculus and calculus, these skills are precious. If you’re not, they’ll still make you feel like you have special math powers!

Studio, Spring Edition: Kites, Gliders, and other spirit-lifting Creations (Scobie)

Styrofoam glider - Micro DLG plane WHAT?? - YouTube

Your Studio package for Spring Term will contain raw materials for beautiful flying things, kits to make kites, bird sculptures, and other aerial delights to draw you both to design and decoration, but also to beautiful indoor and outdoor flying! If we can work it out, we’ll have a (Covid safe) spring kite festival day to fly our creations, and share our successes!  Contribute your art pieces to a chain of kites that rise into a spring sky!

Totally Async Dictionary Game (Scobie)

This will be an entirely online term for players who love the game, with no zoom meeting and no class time–just rounds of the Dictionary Game on the app with notices through Slack. It got off to a slow start in Winter Term, but we finally got the hang of it. I’ll publish new rounds and give you a day or two to respond with your word or definition, then run voting, then do the reveal for all to see, and I’ll show the scoreboard from time to time. Plan on playing mostly for fun: don’t count on it to add significant English credit for graduation.