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Classical Mechanics

There’s the physics of the very, very small — Quantum Physics, particles, radiation, etc
There’s the physics of the very, very big — black holes, gravity, stars, etc.
There’s the very fast — the speed of light! — and the very slow — absolute zero.
And then there’s the physics that is around us every day in ways we can easily see and understand.  This is normally called “Classical Mechanics.” Think about pool tables and balloons.
In this class we will learn about a number of topics in classical mechanics, using videos and computer simulations, including:
Mass, Velocity, Momentum, Inertia, Acceleration, Force, Gravity, Energy and possibly more.
A student with more math will be able to solve problems using standard formulas, but students can also understand what these terms mean at a conceptual level and how they relate to each other and to us.
Math is an optional component of this class, but it will helpful if you come with a (very) basic understanding of fractions (or the willingness to practice them outside of class on your own time).

Yearbook (cont’d) (Sieglinde)

In this twice weekly, yearlong Yearbook Class, students are co-editing, designing, and creating the 23-24 PSCS Yearbook. The  theme this year is Punk! which was decided by community process. We’re studying and learning the the intersectional history of punk, both as an aesthetic, as a sound, and as a movement—and applying it to a really cool archive of the year.

Our co-editors have already worked out the layout, timeline, and have gotten us started in Canva (easy to share, easy to organize, on the cheap). We hope to add 2-3 more folks interested in finalizing layout, writing copy, taking and organizing pictures, and creating pages/spreads in ways that capture this amazing community of humans.

The final result will be printed and shared with the community in June.

About the instructor: 20 years of graphic design, printing, and photography experience. Many years of experience with yearbook timelines, planning and layout (8th grade yearbook co-editor; High school yearbook staff).