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Soul Music (African American music appreciation) (MS/HS) (Sam)

Soul Music (African American Music appreciation) (MS/HS)

African American music helped shape an entire century (and more) of American history.

America was the birthplace for many genres of music, including jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. Both have deep roots in the African American community. Throughout the 20th century, these genres also helped change the cultural landscape. When people were divided by skin color, music brought them together. When tragedies hit the nation, music brought people comfort, hope, and a way to express difficult emotions.

Music allowed African Americans a chance to change their lives. However, it did more than that. Their music also changed the minds and hearts of people around them, making it an important part of the Civil Rights movement.

In this class, you will have the chance to listen to and understand the music of a people who have shown excellence despite facing some of the hardest challenges throughout their history. There will be stories, lyrical analysis, mini-documentaries, and more.

Note: You will need headphones and access to Spotify and Youtube to participate in class.

Puppet Making, Continued (Scobie)

I’ve been a puppet maker and puppet inventor my whole life. Not only have I invented new ways of making puppets, our winter term class has as well! Come join this continuation! We are doing great work!

Midrange Amplitude (Brandon)


Midrange Amplitude:

Brayden, Charlie, Wyatt, Aidan, Wren

Art School, continued: Sculpture (Scobie)

Aerial Mobile Sculpture by Julie Frith120 Packing Tape Sculptures ideas | tape sculpture, packing tape, tape art

This spring, Art School is going 3d, and will focus on sculpture:

  • mobile sculpture
  • abstract sculpture
  • wire sculpture
  • packing tape sculpture

Musical Time Travel (Dan Gillmore)

In this class we each choose a recent musical artist or group, listen to a song of theirs, and then our homework is to find another artist that inspired them. The following week we share what we’ve discovered and the whole thing repeats until we’ve gone back in time as far as we can go. Four students maximum, otherwise we’d never get through all the songs.

Midrange Frequency (Brandon)

Midrange Frequency:

Henry, Caden, Ori, Sophie, Aadit

B.O. (The Brayden and Oscar Experience) (hannah)

Band run by Brayden and Oscar. We will be selecting songs that everyone will enjoy. By invite only. You’ll know if you’re in this class.

Outside work: practice music! wow! 

Pizzly (Brandon)

Experienced music performance group.

Watercoloring (hannah)

This is an introductory class to the relaxing and beautiful art of watercolor painting. We will practice techniques and eventually paint our outdoor springtime surroundings. Paints, brushes, and paper will be provided.