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Old School Film Class (Dan Gillmore)

Let’s watch old school horror and suspense films (think Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Black Cat, etc) and then discuss them.

We may pepper in some other classic films that will help get you started on your path to understanding film critique, theory, and production.

We’ll watch part of the film each class, then finish it the next class, followed by discussion. You won’t need to do outside work, but you will likely want to take notes.

Blue Soup (Charlie and Brayden)

Brayden and Charlie are starting a band! Wanna be involved?

We’re going to make weird music! We’ll switch the genre of music all the time. Jazz, Rock, Yacht Music, Muzak, And so much more!
Difficulty level is moderate, If you get frustrated figuring things out, then this might not be the class for you. Come and join if you can play an instrument, or sing, but this isn’t really a band for learning how to play an instrument.
Brayden and Charlie will come in each week with a new song for you all to learn, we’ll learn it, and play it (and have fun doing it.)
Come and have fun! <3

Midrange Amplitude (Brandon Bermudez)

This is the beginner/intermediate Pop band.

This class is accepting new members! Email Brandon for more info.

Midrange Frequency (Brandon Bermudez)

This is the PSCS advanced Rock/Pop band.

This class is closed to non-returning members. Email Brandon directly with questions.

American Music (Brandon Bermudez)

This is a music history and appreciation class for everyone. This class will explore the origins and evolutions of modern American music. Students will explore a catalog of genre-defining songs, pioneering artists, and novel sounds that have shaped American music throughout its history.

Students will need a computer, headphones, and access to Spotify for the playlists (Spotify has free accounts).

Required texts/materials: Spotify Account Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: Before the first class

Beatcraft (Brandon Bermudez)

This is a beginner/intermediate music theory and song creation class. Students will learn how to read and interpret written music, as well as operate software-based music creation tools. This class will go over the most fundamental music ideas from rhythm and time, to melodies and chord progressions. Do not worry if you don’t play an instrument since this is NOT a performance class, though you will learn to understand the piano as it is our primary interface for making music. Students will need a computer, headphones, Google Chrome, and a BandLab account.

Required texts/materials: BandLab Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: Before the first class

Cut It Out! (Scobie)

MakerMade M2 CNC KitMakerMade M2 CNC Kit
Who wants to be on a small team (6 students max)  who help develop, install, and learn about the new computer-controlled plywood-cutting robot I’ve ordered for the shop?  This class will include:

  • Unboxing a kit that lets us build and install a CNC router capable of cutting any shape into a plywood or other panel up to 4 x 8 feet!
  • Designing a way to install this tool and cutting rack onto the east wall of the shop
  • Testing and calibrating the machine
  • Setting up a dust collection system for the machine
  • Practicing digital drawing and design in Sketchup in order to develop the skills to design projects for the machine
  • Learning the software that drives the tool path, and how to convert technical design drawings to tool paths.
  • Developing helpful videos for teaching others to use the cutter
  • Trying out early projects
  • And, more important than any of these things: naming the machine! :-).

Shop Life (Scobie)

If you like making things, fixing things,  and  being competent with tools, you should always take as much Shop Life as you can possibly get your hands on! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Learning about tools and the skills to use them effectively and safely.
  2. Working on improving, organizing, stocking, and cleaning our ever-developing shop.
  3. Contributing to the school and our larger community with fixes, furniture, and projects.
  4. Completing projects that result in gifts you can give to yourself or others.

Watercolor (hannah)

Watercolor is an experimental, fun, dynamic form of art. In this class, we will explore the art form and connect with each other. This term will include some skill-building and technique-practicing.

Just Draw, Art History (MS/HS) (TSam)

What is art? Is Art truly the expression of one’s true self?

This class is a space for art enthusiasts to come together and have a space to create. Art is an ever-important element in the nature of who people are and how stories are shaped through inspiration and imagination. We will meet as a class and discuss trends in art (Past and present) while using the space to expand on our artistic interpretations. Each day will be filled with creative energy and we will have a share out to celebrate your work.


Cinema (HS Only) (Year long) (TSam)

The film industry has been a constant element that was created to express the ideas of others. Through film, we can see deep ideas from people whose expressions can capture moments from the past looking into the future. While it’s hard to see every film that has ever been made, we can center ourselves around so many elements of several movies and experience a connection that surpasses both time and space. In the class, we will participate in watching films from a large number of different styles and use those moments to expand our knowledge of these amazing selections of work. There will be in-class discussions along with essay writing (group project) to help us convey our thoughts and stretch our thinking.


Mature Themes: Words and images can be inappropriate for some students.


*Podcasting/AV Club (MS/HS) (Year long) (TSam)

Podcasting has now become one of the coolest ways to acquire information in the present, digital age. While traveling, exercising, or relaxing; your average person is usually tuned into their favorite show. Recently, the popularity of podcasts took to new heights with the deep interest in shows like True Crime, and other mystery-based, story-led programs. Whether you’re into listening to podcasts or always wanted to create your own, this Is the class for you. 

Also, this class will double as a space for our new starting Audio/Visual Club! The purpose of this club is to help create a new culture around filming our school events while keeping our audio (and other video effects) in great working order. This club will be a starting point for a permanent need in our community. We will learn/enhance our skills in camera work, audio sourcing, mixing, and making sure lighting and other visual needs are being met on a high level.


 (Limited to 8 students, max)




Using Analog Synths (Sam Gigliotti)

PSCS has an awesome Moog Voyager analog synth. Let’s explore how it works!

We will look at different oscillator wave forms, envelopes, filters, and modulation.

Then we can learn to create specific sounds from songs that students suggest.


About the instructor: I have been playing keyboards for 40+ years (!) and have played in many different bands and styles. I also have a home studio packed full of keyboards that you can check out here .

Street Art (hannah)

In October 2018, a painting from celebrated street artist Banksy was sold at a Sotheby’s auction. The moment after it was sold, a hidden shredder was activated and the painting started to shred.

What does street art mean? Is it necessarily a public project? Can street art disrupt accepted hierarchies in art and culture? How does street art provoke controversy, transform the landscape, and inspire social change?

In this class, we will explore these questions by looking at examples of historical and contemporary street art, in Seattle and around the world, including graffiti, murals, and public projects. This class will include a walking tour of street art in Seattle , a locally-famous muralist speaker, and (hopefully!) a partnership with Urban Artworks to create a mural of our own! 

Wo Pop (MS/HS) (TSam)

Do you ever wonder what music is like in other parts of the world? Being a HUGE music lover, I often find myself wondering about that very thing. Often I find myself going on Spotify and seeing what’s available in many parts of the world.

We will explore music in a variety of ways and find out what makes music so popular in different cultures. We will look for commonalities and differences in sounds and lyrics, and learn about the relationship music holds with that particular culture. Who knows? Maybe we will discover where some of the sounds in America originated from!!!

Note: Headphones and a music account (Spotify) are required!

Mature Themes –  Lyrics in songs can use language not appropriate for all students.

Play Production (Maggie)

Are you interested in putting on a play this fall? Sign up and we’ll plan a production based on who’s interested. To be performed on stage this December.

Required texts/materials: