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Twilight Zone (Dan Gillmore)

Watch episodes of the original Twilight Zone with PSCS Alum, Dan Gillmore.

About the instructor: Longtime volunteer. Longtime good guy.

AFI Films (Dan Gillmore)

Come watch movies from the American Film Institutes Top 100. We’ll watch and chat about themes, history, film technique and more.

About the instructor: Dan has offered classes for a long time, almost as long as his beard. He holds a graduate degree in film studies and is one of very few CHID graduates (Comparative History of Ideas) from the UW, (along with ASam).

Theater with Maggie! (Maggie)

This class will consist of theater games and fun, while also working on a performance if we get enough interest.

Dungeons and Dragons (Nat)

In this class we will go over a weekly dungeons and dragons campaign led by Me, Nat. I will expect you to bring a prepared character, any physical dice you will want to use, as well as your enthusiasm every week.

Note: If I have not spoken to you about being a part of this class, then please don’t sticker it. ThanksOutside work: There will be little to none outside work for this class, I will occasionally give homework though.

Mature themes: There will be slight mature themes for things including violence, and weaponry.

Sessions per week: 2 

Intro to Piano (Brandon)

This is a beginner-friendly class for folks interested in learning how to play the piano.Students will learn the fundamentals of music and how to apply those fundamentals to this fun and very accessible instrument!

Students will analyze techniques, melodies, chords, and harmonies to understand how it all is performed to the piano.

Students will both learn famous songs and create their own simple songs and are encouraged (but not required) to share them with the community.


ABBCs/Casual Ghost Party (brandon)

A continuation of the advanced band.

BASASO (Brandon)

A continuation of the intermediate band.

Fun While Reading (Sam)

Do you like to read and wish you had more time to dive into some amazing stories? Well this is the class for you! We will doing a deep dive into the worlds of comics books and exploring why they’re so popular and how they keep our imagination flowing and growing! For each class there will be time to read comics, jump into discussions and possibly have the chance to create our own.

Feel free to bring in your own comic books to read and share with others!


Chess Club (hannah)

It’s back! We will play chess with each other and learn new strategies to improve our skills. 

Notable Films (Sam & Ollie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

There’s nothing like a good movie. Film has been one of the most popular mediums in over the last 100 years. There have been some amazing feature films and specific moments that shape our world from these cinematic masterpieces. In this class, we will share movies from all over various genres and countries. Then we will break down the meanings and parts of these films that stood out to us and learn about the deeper meanings and themes in these visual works of art.



Wo’ Pop (Async) (Sam)

Note: This class will not meet formally. You will need to schedule a time to complete the work for this class.

Do you ever wonder what music is like in other parts of the world? Being a HUGE music lover, I often find myself wondering about that very thing. Often I find myself going on Spotify and seeing what’s available in many parts of the world.

We will explore music in a variety of ways and find out what makes music so popular in different cultures. We will look for commonalities and differences in sounds and lyrics, and learn about the relationship music holds with that particular culture. Who knows? Maybe we will discover where some of the sounds in America originated from!!!

For this class, you will need to have headphones, access to KEXP (Online archive) Spotify, & Youtube.

Huichol Yarn Painting (Amy)


Known for their exquisite and vibrant art, the Huichol people of Mexico are known world-wide for their yarn painting.  Learn the history and symbolism behind Huichol artwork, create your own yarn painting, and contribute to a yarn painting that will live at PSCS!


All work for this course will be completed in class.


Shop Life (Scobie)

If you like making things, fixing things,  and  being competent with tools, you should always take as much Shop Life as you can possibly get your hands on! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Learning about tools and the skills to use them effectively and safely.
  2. Working on improving, organizing, stocking, and cleaning our ever-developing shop.
  3. Contributing to the school and our larger community with fixes, furniture, and projects.
  4. Completing projects that result in gifts you can give to yourself or others.

Poetry Lab (hannah)

This is a poetry-writing class! 

We will read lots of poetry, studying how this art form continues to change over time and across cultures. We will write lots of poetry, examining elements of the form and experimenting with different styles. You will be facilitated in different writing activities and methods in order to develop confidence and comfort with poetry-writing. 

This class requires courageousness to take the risk to write and share your work. Open to all.

Fluoride (Brandon)

A continuation of the beginner band.

LARGE ART (hannah)

In this class, we will attempt to try / use all of the different materials in Cherry. Paint? Yarn? Ink? Collage? All at once?? Mixed media art! My hope is to create some BIG pieces of art together, using the materials we already have. This class is also a practice in taking up creative space with our artistic voices, departing from expectations about what is “good” art. 

This is a fun, experimental art class. Take this class if you want to flex your creativity, try new things, learn about new art materials and methods, collaborate on work, and respect the process of creation.