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Embroidery and Connect (elizabeth ortega)

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric using a needle and applying thread or yarn. It’s a hand-eye coordination craft. You can decorate anything from a jean jacket to a handkerchief. You can decorate with words, designs, images, shapes, etc.

It’s bunches of fun and requires patience and intention.

We will discuss different issues and simply hang out with each other while we learn how to needle our way through fabric to create some awesome pieces.

I hope especially to be joined by students who don’t “normally” take classes like this. Perhaps you steer away from stereotypically “feminine” art like embroidery, or being hands-on creative is challenging for you? Well, I challenge you to join us for some creativity and connection with each other as we create. 

This class is also for you if you are already interested in these things and would love some more!


Black History through Stories and Songs (Sam)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Exploring the journey of Blacks in America offers a deeper understanding of a culture that is always fighting. So many people share accounts of both struggles and triumphs. There are many stories that we have heard, and so many more that need to be heard! Along with those stories are songs that tell of a painful past, yet share about a glorious future. This class will be about hearing both familiar and not, while gathering a better understanding of why this history matters.

Required texts/materials: The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

EMC – Electronic Music Collective (Sam)

Note: This class is for students who have taken Digital Music previously. 

An exploration of composition, production, and keyboard musicianship through the use of electronic musical instruments, computers, and a variety of compositional, production, and instructional software. Students develop increased fluency in note-reading, ear-training, listening, keyboarding, and music vocabulary.


Required texts/materials: The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Studio (Scobie)

Winter term Studio will focus on principles of sculpture using thin cedar stock to create triangle based space-frames which can be abstract or representational. We’ll start with skill-building exercises, and then move into designing small and large projects that can range from ornaments to lighting designs, to mobiles, and more. We’ll experiment with covering and partially covering our space frames, and using drawings to plan our work. Depending on our level of involvement, we may move on to other technologies for sculpture, or push this medium to the maximum!

Midrange Frequency (Band) (Brandon)

If you are a current member of Midrange Frequency please sign up for this class. Thank you!

MishMash (Band) (Brandon)

Calling all students interested in being in a band. Do you want to add a little music to your life? Do you want to get to hang out with our amazing music teacher Brandon? This is the class for you. No experience required but you do need to have an instrument available that you want to learn how to play.

*New this term – this class is open to all students 6-12 not just middle school students.

Panthera Leo (Brandon)

If you are a current member of Panthera Leo please sign up for this class. Thank you!

Pizzly (Band) (Brandon)

If you are a current member of Pizzly please sign up for this class. Thank you!

Make Tiny Films (Nic)

Several hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. Being able to express oneself well in video may soon be as important a skill as being able to express oneself well in writing. Let’s do it!

(My credentials: prior to working at PSCS, I made a living as a video editor and producer.)

In this course, we’ll focus on generating a lot of product. Make stuff, talk about how to improve it, then make more stuff. You won’t make a perfectly polished work of art, but you will make a lot of short pieces.

We’ll start with very short pieces, and work up from there. There will be assignments ranging from instructional to narrative to abstract. Nothing you turn in will be longer than 60 seconds.

You’ll need something to shoot video (a phone is fine) and something to edit video (chances are we can find some adequate free software that will work on your laptop). Nothing fancy.

Each week will include some limited synchronous discussion and instruction, some asynchronous time watching and giving feedback on your peers’ work, and time to make your own work. You will likely have to spend some time beyond scheduled class hours shooting and editing your stuff.