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Listening Music Sessions (Meta & Sam)

Come listen to some of the music that moves us and vibe out with us! For each class, we will listen to a notable album over various genres (both past and present) and share your thoughts.

Shop Life (Scobie)

If you like making things, fixing things,  and  being competent with tools, you should always take as much Shop Life as you can possibly get your hands on! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. Learning about tools and the skills to use them effectively and safely.
  2. Working on improving, organizing, stocking, and cleaning our ever-developing shop.
  3. Contributing to the school and our larger community with fixes, furniture, and projects.
  4. Completing projects that result in gifts you can give to yourself or others.

Dungeons and Dragons – Nat (Nat)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

In this class we will go over a weekly dungeons and dragons campaign led by Me, Nat. I will expect you to bring a prepared character, any physical dice you will want to use, as well as your enthusiasm every week.

Note: If I have not spoken to you about being a part of this class, then please don’t sticker it. ThanksOutside work: There will be little to none outside work for this class, I will occasionally give homework though.

Weaving (amy)

You’ve seen the looms gathering in Cherry.  Now, it’s time to use them!  

In this twice-a-week class we will learn how to warp a loom (get it ready), follow a draft (weaving patterns), and create our own pieces of fiber art.

Be a part of pioneering a program at PSCS that can live on for years!

Here for the Aesthetics (Cherrise Smith)

This class will look at ALL things aesthetics! Fashion, interior/exterior design, nature, culture and all the varieties of art expression. This is a place for us to express our vibes, learn about others, appreciate art in all its varieties, and have fun!