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Soul Music (African American music appreciation) (MS/HS) (Sam)

Soul Music (African American Music appreciation) (MS/HS)

African American music helped shape an entire century (and more) of American history.

America was the birthplace for many genres of music, including jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. Both have deep roots in the African American community. Throughout the 20th century, these genres also helped change the cultural landscape. When people were divided by skin color, music brought them together. When tragedies hit the nation, music brought people comfort, hope, and a way to express difficult emotions.

Music allowed African Americans a chance to change their lives. However, it did more than that. Their music also changed the minds and hearts of people around them, making it an important part of the Civil Rights movement.

In this class, you will have the chance to listen to and understand the music of a people who have shown excellence despite facing some of the hardest challenges throughout their history. There will be stories, lyrical analysis, mini-documentaries, and more.

Note: You will need headphones and access to Spotify and Youtube to participate in class.

Read Aloud (for the mini slot on Wednesdays) (Scobie)

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Join our cozy, funny, insightful read aloud to finish off your Wednesdays!

A Mingle With the Gingolds (Sadie and Charlie) (Sadie)

Want to Mingle one last time? Join us for the Mingle with the Gingolds Finale. We will play games, have trials and contests, physical and mental challenges, and even give out awards and snacks. Come with a positive attitude and the spirit of teamwork. You don’t want to miss this…