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Reindeer Heartache (Nat and Brayden) (hannah)

Reindeer heartache!!

An emo/hardcore band! 

By invite only, ask Nat or Brayden if you’re interested.


Twilight Zone (Dan Gillmore)

Watch episodes of the original Twilight Zone with PSCS Alum, Dan Gillmore.

About the instructor: Longtime volunteer. Longtime good guy.

AFI Films (Dan Gillmore)

Come watch movies from the American Film Institutes Top 100. We’ll watch and chat about themes, history, film technique and more.

About the instructor: Dan has offered classes for a long time, almost as long as his beard. He holds a graduate degree in film studies and is one of very few CHID graduates (Comparative History of Ideas) from the UW, (along with ASam).

Yearbook (cont’d) (Sieglinde)

In this twice weekly, yearlong Yearbook Class, students are co-editing, designing, and creating the 23-24 PSCS Yearbook. The  theme this year is Punk! which was decided by community process. We’re studying and learning the the intersectional history of punk, both as an aesthetic, as a sound, and as a movement—and applying it to a really cool archive of the year.

Our co-editors have already worked out the layout, timeline, and have gotten us started in Canva (easy to share, easy to organize, on the cheap). We hope to add 2-3 more folks interested in finalizing layout, writing copy, taking and organizing pictures, and creating pages/spreads in ways that capture this amazing community of humans.

The final result will be printed and shared with the community in June.

About the instructor: 20 years of graphic design, printing, and photography experience. Many years of experience with yearbook timelines, planning and layout (8th grade yearbook co-editor; High school yearbook staff).

Dungeons and Dragons (Nat)

In this class we will go over a weekly dungeons and dragons campaign led by Me, Nat. I will expect you to bring a prepared character, any physical dice you will want to use, as well as your enthusiasm every week.

Note: If I have not spoken to you about being a part of this class, then please don’t sticker it. ThanksOutside work: There will be little to none outside work for this class, I will occasionally give homework though.

Mature themes: There will be slight mature themes for things including violence, and weaponry.

Sessions per week: 2 

Fun While Reading (Sam)

Do you like to read and wish you had more time to dive into some amazing stories? Well this is the class for you! We will doing a deep dive into the worlds of comics books and exploring why they’re so popular and how they keep our imagination flowing and growing! For each class there will be time to read comics, jump into discussions and possibly have the chance to create our own.

Feel free to bring in your own comic books to read and share with others!


Trivia! (Amy)

Are you a fan of trivia games?  If so, join us for this once-a-week class.  Throughout the term we will learn about and play different types of trivia AND we will create our own games.

Come along on this fact-learning, game-playing, fun-having adventure!

Chess Club (hannah)

It’s back! We will play chess with each other and learn new strategies to improve our skills. 

Duolingo & Study Hall (Sam)

The ability to speak and communicate with others from various places on earth is something most people only dream about. There are over 300 languages and dialects spoken all over the world. You will embark or continue on your language journey using the website/app DUOLINGO. There will be time to practice both in class and in your spare time. You will be expected to practice and log your time every day/week.


Do you find yourself needing a place to get classwork done and don’t want to use open slots all the time? Well, I have a solution for you. You can come to my room, work quietly and get learning support all in one place. There will be a short check in about what you will work on during the slot and a quick check in to verify the work that you finished.


Note: If you are interested in both, please plan on rotating between Duolingo and Study Hall every other week or make plans accordingly.

Notable Films (Sam & Ollie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

There’s nothing like a good movie. Film has been one of the most popular mediums in over the last 100 years. There have been some amazing feature films and specific moments that shape our world from these cinematic masterpieces. In this class, we will share movies from all over various genres and countries. Then we will break down the meanings and parts of these films that stood out to us and learn about the deeper meanings and themes in these visual works of art.



Just Dance! (Amy)

Offered based on student request, this class will give us a once-a-week opportunity to DANCE!

Do you feel like your don’t have any cool moves of your own?  That’s okay!  We will be using the video game “Just Dance” to increase our coolness quotient, and maybe even work up a sweat in the process.

Come dance with us!

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice (Brayden)

In this class students will take their cooking and baking skills to the next level! We’ll learn knife skills, baking, seasoning, garnishing, saucing, and more! Each week we’ll learn or build on a kitchen skill. Weeks will alternate between savory and sweet, preparing students to create and prepare meals, bake for all occasions, and refine their pallet! Whatever that means… 

This class is for students who have basic experience in the kitchen, although no one should be a master chef!

Handwriting (Amy)

While much of the writing we do today is electronic, there is no replacement for having legible handwriting.

Offered by student request, this once-a-week class will offer you an opportunity to practice and improve your handwriting skills.

All work will be completed in class…but the results of your work will benefit your whole life!

Leadership (hannah)

This is a continuation of the fall term class. Anyone is welcome to join. We will continue to develop and practice leadership skills through planning, preparing, collaborating on, and facilitating community projects and school events. This term will include our second Community Engagement Day and the 30th anniversary Creative Cafe! 

This class will help you develop skills of time management, collaborating on small teams, giving and receiving feedback, verbal and online communication, work ethic, facilitation, task prioritization and delegation, risk-taking, goal-setting, and building confidence.