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Reindeer Heartache (Nat and Brayden) (hannah)

A continuation of the band, ask the facilitators if you’re interested in joining.


Nomic (Brayden) (hannah)

Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is the only move you have. Of course, the goal is to WIN. Will anyone actually do it? Who knows? How do you win? Get 100 points or something? How do you get points? I DON’T KNOW! 

This game involves democracy, debate, law, and FUN!

There’s only outside work if you want to pre-craft rules (this will become clearer later).

Yearbook! (Sieglinde)

Let’s finish it!

In this twice weekly, yearlong Yearbook Class, students have co-edited, designed, and will print up the 23-24 PSCS Yearbook. The theme this year is Punk! which was decided by community process. We’ve spent time studying and learning the the intersectional history of punk, both as an aesthetic, as a sound, and as a movement—and applying it to a really cool archive of the year.

Our co-editors have already worked out the layout, timeline, and have gotten us started in Canva (easy to share, easy to organize, on the cheap). We will consider adding 2-3 more folks interested in finalizing layout, writing copy, taking and organizing pictures, and creating pages/spreads in ways that capture this amazing community of humans. You will need special permission to join (from Sieglinde and the crew) and likely need to give an example/share how you will contribute in this final leg of a long journey.

The result will be printed and shared with the community in June—with enough time to sign and pass around to ooh and ahh!

Required texts/materials: Canva The instructor will procure the texts/materials.

Noranderscrap! Scrapbooking with Nora and Miranda!!! (hannah)

Every week we will provide inspiration, materials, and our scrapbooking techniques. This is a chill creative space to explore and express yourself through the art of the scrap. We will have a short check in at the start of each class where we offer guidance and lessons! The rest of class will be independent scrapbooking with music and the occasional dance party. Its super fun super shloopin youll learn so much and vibe! We have everything you’ll ever need! 

Listening Music Sessions (Meta & Sam)

Come listen to some of the music that moves us and vibe out with us! For each class, we will listen to a notable album over various genres (both past and present) and share your thoughts.

Complicated Dogs (Jay and Wolf) (hannah)

Introducing Complicated Dogs, yet another band at PSCS. It is made by furries, for furries who are trying to learn instruments. Here, rock dogs can come together to practice, learn, and hopefully perform in a band setting. All skill levels are welcome. We will each learn about our respective instruments and music, as well as study any songs/genres we want to play. We’ll also build teamwork skills through playing in sync. This class is facilitated by Jay and Wolf.

Note: All animals are complicated dogs

Mature themes: Quoting from Brandon’s band classes since the same applies here, “Mature themes regularly emerge in any exploration of modern music genres. We will deal with these themes as they come up and make community-based choices about lyrics and material.”

Duolingo & Study Hall (Sam) (Sam)

The ability to speak and communicate with others from various places on earth is something most people only dream about. There are over 300 languages and dialects spoken all over the world. You will embark or continue on your language journey using the website/app DUOLINGO. There will be time to practice both in class and in your spare time. You will be expected to practice and log your time every day/week.


Do you find yourself needing a place to get classwork done and don’t want to use open slots all the time? Well, I have a solution for you. You can come to my room, work quietly and get learning support all in one place. There will be a short check in about what you will work on during the slot and a quick check in to verify the work that you finished.


Note: If you are interested in both, please plan on rotating between Duolingo and Study Hall every other week or make plans accordingly.

Chess Club (hannah)

More chess. It’s super fun, it’s chill, it’s competitive if you want. Learn chess. Playing makes you better. See realistic picture above of me teaching gus, henry t, henry b, and val how to play.

Tech Space (Sam) (Sam)


Technology is an ever-growing part of life. We use cell phones, midis for music, as well as computers for gaming and research. This will be a space for people to come and be creative on solo projects and collaborate on group ideas.

Our main focus will be to work on shows for our radio station, KLOK radio.

Also, this space will be a place for people to come and work on digital art, coding, podcasting, digital music, DJing, designing, and more.  We will be able to take these projects and use them for our personal endeavors or incorporate them into our school community.

Dungeons and Dragons – Nat (Nat)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

In this class we will go over a weekly dungeons and dragons campaign led by Me, Nat. I will expect you to bring a prepared character, any physical dice you will want to use, as well as your enthusiasm every week.

Note: If I have not spoken to you about being a part of this class, then please don’t sticker it. ThanksOutside work: There will be little to none outside work for this class, I will occasionally give homework though.

Ornithology & Local Bird Appreciation (Lucy)

Can you identify every species of bird in Washington State just by their call? Neither can Lucy, but she wants to someday!

Join Lucy to learn more about our local birds, including how to identify them, how they are impacted by our urban environment, the history and politics of ornithology, and more!

This class will be a mix of indoor and outdoor learning. Indoors, Lucy will share what she’s learned from her participation with UW’s Bird Friendly Campus project, and from her individual hobby research. Outdoors, we’ll learn how to ID some birds! Outside of class time, you can expect to read 1-2 articles per week (~5-10 pages) so we can talk about it during class 🙂

Whether you already know a lot about birds or nothing at all, this class is open to all students who appreciate our lovely feathered friends!