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Songwriting! (McKenzie Burkard)

Whether you’re completely new to songwriting or it’s been your passion for years (or if you’re anywhere in between), this class is for you! We’ll explore reasons for songwriting, approaches/styles, key terms, techniques, and have plenty of opportunities to write + share! This will be a great opportunity to build a songwriting community and connect through music and collaboration. As someone who started songwriting in middle school, I have used this practice throughout my life and I’m passionate about the reflective, creative, and fun nature of crafting songs. I’m excited to pass on some of my own approaches and learn with and from you all about other ways of lyric creation! In this class, understanding that there is no one way to learn or teach songwriting, we’ll all work to find our songwriting fit – discovering our writing motivations and interests along the way


About the instructor: I've been an administrative intern at PSCS since the start of Winter Term this school year! I'm an English major (Education minor) in my third year at UW and songwriting is a huge passion of mine :)

POKER! Texas Hold ‘Em (Ori) (Ori)

POKER! Texas Hold ‘Em- is a class where students will learn what Texas Hold ‘Em is, and how to play it, and then use those skills during class where we will hold games of Texas Hold ‘Em. This class will never involve betting with real money.

Why I want to teach this class

I see Texas Hold ‘Em as a part of PSCS history. Elizabeth taught me how during a flex, and I have taught flexes about Poker before. I want to pass on this small, fun part of the school to my fellow students. This class will be an elective.

Beginner-ish Yoga – (Meta)

Learn some simple yoga poses and stretches, along with breathing exercises to go along with the poses, and general ones to calm your body. Chill class, do what you can! I’m not the most skilled so I’ll be learning along with y’all.

Mr. Gingolds Musical School For Music – (Charlie)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

Do you go to PSCS? Are you looking to get into the music scene? Whether you’re a proficient musician, or have never touched an instrument, one thing is for certain: This class will make you better at music.

Mr. Gingolds Musical School For Music will teach you all the necessities of becoming the next greatest musician- Music theory, Rhythm, An instrument of you choosing, Coordination with a band, and even some performance tactics.

You may say to yourself… “Hmmm, I don’t know Charlie, that sounds complicated and hard, I don’t think I’m good enough to learn at your amazing music school for music…” You are not meant to be perfect, nobody is. The point of this class and learn more about music, and have some fun. Any skill level is welcome. Come and learn at Mr. Gingolds Musical School For Music.

Chess Club (hannah)

Chess is an ancient game of strategy and patience. It’s challenging and fun. In this class, we will play chess together! We will learn some strategies and eventually play each other, tournament style. This class is open to all – those who have played chess for years, those who will be playing for the first time, and everyone in between! Come try the game that has captivated and puzzled players for centuries.