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HS Sex Ed (amy)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

We’ve covered a lot in this class already this year.  That said, there is still a lot to come! 

Sexual relationships, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and birth control are some of the topics we will be diving into for the remainder of the year.  

*This is a year-long class and should be prioritized when considering your Spring schedule.

Dance and Sing (hannah)


My vision for this class is inspired by my weekly dance class, Dance Church, to which I am fervently dedicated aka obsessed. I want to put black out curtains on the windows in Cherry and get some vibey lights in there, and then DANCE AND SING.

The structure of Dance Church is free dance incorporated into structured coordinations and movements which are facilitated by a teacher. It’s very workout-y. The teacher is in the middle of everyone and there’s no “front” in the class. We follow the teacher but you can go at whatever intensity level you want. There’s no talking in the class but you can sing, whoop, grunt, cry – whatever you need to get out.

This is a workout and movement class. I am interested in beginning with the Dance Church structure and seeing how y’all vibe with it. We can collaborate on music choices. You will need to bring comfy clothes you can move freely in every week. This class will require openness, vulnerability, and the willingness to get to know your own body and self as a dancer. Open to all.

Can you find me in the pictures above?

Basketball with Charlie (hannah)

Hello PSCS students! Do you have a dream in your heart? Does passion flow through you blood? Does the spirit of competition call you to play? Come play basketball with Charlie and Hannah!

In this class we’ll go to the community center, learn, practice, and play basketball. It will be super fun time for any skill level. The goal is of this class is to lean a little more about the sport, get more comfortable with teamwork, and most importantly have fun playing sports.

Come play!

Drugs, Alcohol, Addiction, and Recovery (Scobie)

Note: This class is open to high school students only.

drug-wheel.pngSpring term is short, but let’s see how much we can learn about these topics through documentary, guest speakers (including recovering addicts), my own stories from my family and my life experience being raised by an addict and an alcoholic, basic research, drug categories, and possible field trips (including possibly visiting an ‘open’ addiction recovery meeting), or visiting a treatment center.

Soccer (hannah)

You already know what it is. The beautiful game. Capped at 10 students.

MS Sex Ed (amy)

Note: This class is open to middle school students only.

We’ve learned the basics about how reproductive organs work, the technical aspects of pregnancy, how to identify healthy vs unhealthy relationships, and so much more.  But wait…THERE’S STILL MORE TO COVER!

We will be wrapping up the year by learning about STIs (facts, transmission, prevention, and treatment) and birth control, and putting together all of the learning we’ve done since September.  

*This is a year-long class and should be prioritized when considering your Spring schedule.

All Things Mental Health (Cherrise Smith)

What are the factors that contribute to our mental health?

How did we end up in a mental health epidemic?

Where do we go from here?

These are just some of the many questions we will be diving into and dissecting together. We will be listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, reading articles and sharing our thought and opinions on all things related to mental health!