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Uncivil (Liana Green)

The stories of US History are generally told through the lens of white folks; this is a class about civil war era US history, with a focus on Black folks. Here’s the blurb about the podcast, which was created in 2018:

“Uncivil brings you stories that were left out of the official history of the Civil War, ransacks America’s past, and takes on the history you grew up with. We bring you untold stories about resistance, covert operations, corruption, mutiny, counterfeiting, antebellum drones, and so much more. And we connect these forgotten struggles to the political battlefield we’re living on right now. The story of the Civil War — the story of slavery, confederate monuments, racism — is the story of America.”

Mature themes in that the life and times of enslaved people (and free Blacks) were harsh. Plus war, and a few (minor) swears.


For each class session, you’ll research and define a few relevant concepts/vocabulary words before listening to a 20-30 minute podcast. After listening, you’ll answer a few short reflection questions about what you heard and submit a Google doc that includes evidence of your vocabulary research as well as your reflection piece.

This is a version of an asynchronous class: I’ll provide assignments and you’ll do your work and submit it all via Classroom, but we’ll all set aside the same time on the schedule each week to do the work. I’ll be available during that slot to answer any questions and be a resource via Zoom/Slack. I reserve the right to gather us via Zoom occasionally if it feels like we could benefit from that.

Required texts/materials: Uncivil Podcast Students will be responsible for obtaining their own texts/materials. Materials should be procured by: Download Uncivil podcast episodes before the first class meeting

My Democracy – Civics (Sam)


Civics is a class that covers the origins of American government, the structure and function of our government, rights and responsibilities of citizens, the American federal system, political parties and the election process, basic economic principles, and current matters regarding domestic and foreign policy. This Civics class also includes a examination of the history, culture, and economy of the nation that encourage research and reflection. During each session, students will examine seminal documents and landmark Supreme Court cases in American political history, analyze changes in federal and executive power over time, explore the political election process and data related to recent voting trends, research and propose a public policy plan, as well as compare and contrast the functions of the national government with state and local governments

WORD (hannah)

Etymology: the study of the origin of words and the ways in which their meanings change throughout history.

This class is all about WORDs. It’s an etymology class! We will study the origins of lots of words and their historical, cultural, social, and etymological changes over time. We will play around with words by doing crosswords and other word puzzles. We will look up the meanings of words we really like! Multiple meanings! How words are employed and shifted in written work like POETRY. Learn new words! Learn some Latin and Greek because that’s where hella English words come from! Words from OTHER languages that ended up in our lexicon somehow!! What the heck does lexicon mean??? Take this class and find out! Gen Z uses words in a weird way – you probs have something to teach me. Like how “W” just means win now. Meaning is use. 


True Crime Psychology (Cherrise Smith)

Join us as we take a deep dive into some of the most complex true crime cases to ever exist. What happened? Who did it? And most importantly why? In this class we will focus on the pathology behind those who have committed horrendous crimes. Discussing antisocial personality disorder, narcissist, sociopaths, psychopaths from a scientifically informed perspective. It’s about the crimes committed, the science, and the psychology.